The Other Child

My son just got over a bad upper respiratory infection that took us to the ER and has required antibiotics to treat. He’s feeling better, but I realized as I cared for him and admittedly rushed him back to school, that as the “other” kid, he doesn’t always get the patience and care I have often given to my daughter. However, now that she is sick with the same thing, everything seems to be evening out because I’m already tired from caring for one sick child. Nothing is ever perfect, is it?

Parenting a Deaf and Gifted Child

When you have a child with special needs that take up a lot of your time and attention, what about the other children?

I only have two children: Lei, my older child, the one with lots of appointments, therapies, quirks and challenges, and my younger child. My more or less neurotypical child, the one whose challenges are more minor. The other child.

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