Bring it on, audiologist

I’m sitting here wondering why I’m so emotional right now. I got mad and stayed mad at D’s five-year-old antics earlier. I’m not usually like that. And now – I wish I was kidding here – I am depressed because the sandwich I ordered tastes bad and I don’t want to return it. Yeah.

Then it hits me, of course I’m emotional: I’m about to take Lei back to the audiologist. 

These audiologist visits have been pretty rough lately. I’ve cried, I’ve had to excuse myself, I’ve gotten angry, I’ve used an unprecedented amount of facial tissue. It’s been a rollercoaster that mostly went down. And now I’m going again!

Things have definitely been looking up, but I guess I’m still worried that we’ll get bad news. What if the left implant still isn’t working? What if it still appears to be working but Lei can’t hear anything but static? It’s the uncertainty that gets me.

Bring it on, Audiogist!

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to go return my sandwich. You can’t do anything worth doing on an empty stomach. Well, except eat, but you know what I mean. And I’m going to give my mood the 1-2 punch of caffeination and hydration. I realize that caffeine is dehydrating. I also plan to drink more water later.

And then I’m going to go pick up my girl. We’re going to go in there with our game faces on and get whatever news we get. Whatever happens, I’m grateful Lei can hear in one ear. I’m grateful I have a working car and health insurance. I’m grateful I have money for coffee.

Let’s do this.


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