Hearing again and saving herself

During Lei’s days off last week, I tried having her wear her right processor again, and surprisingly she was able to hear decently through it. Over the last week the cutting-in-and-out problem seems to have resolved completely. Lei can hear again!

She still talked about being homeschooled, however, and I asked her how she planned to stay in touch with her new friends at school. “I’ll chat with them online,” she breezed.

She had it all worked out. But on Tuesday when Lei, her dad and I met at midday with the school case manager, audiologist and hearing itinerant, Lei did a 180.

“I talked with my two good friends here and they said they wouldn’t be friends with me if I quit going to Madero.” She grinned. “So I’m staying!”

Let’s hear it for positive peer pressure! 

Lei meditating in the circle of Buddha sculptures. She has been more calm and confident since choosing to stay in school.
Lei meditating in the circle of Buddha sculptures. She has been more calm and confident since choosing to stay in school.

Since Lei made that choice, she has been quite positive about school. In the mornings she has gotten up, drunk her green tea and got ready for school without complaint. In the afternoon she has been doing her homework and relaxing, chatting with friends online. At bedtime I made sure she took the magnesium supplement that helps her sleep and reduces her anxiety. She has been smiling a lot.

On Friday they had a dress-down day and she got to wear one of the “street style” outfits she loves: Black leggings with a gray safety pin pattern under a long, black and white striped sweater and her favorite low-cut boots. She has a sassy new  asymmetrical bob, too, so she threw on a voluminous royal blue infinity scarf and struck a dramatic pose. She was the picture of confidence and self-love.

Yesterday was particularly idyllic. I took Lei and her brother, D, to my new favorite park. They ran around together, connecting and playing beautifully. No bickering, no vying for my attention. They talked and climbed the rocks, tossed peanuts to the ducks, “meditated” in the circle of Buddha head sculptures and at one point decided to dog-pile on top of me as I laid in the grass.

When we got home, the care package one of my friends sent to Lei arrived. Lei was thrilled with the encouraging letter, small gifts and cookies, but D started crying because he didn’t get one. Lei quickly repackaged one of the small gifts, re-taped the box, addressed it to D and put it outside in the mailbox. She led him outside to discover it and made his day. A little while later she confessed to him that she was the “secret admirer” who sent the package. My heart was bursting!

After D was asleep and Lei and I had watched a bit of TV together, she and I shared a couple of prayers before she went to bed. We talked about the complications I had during my pregnancy with her and how many people had been praying for her then, the way many people have been praying for her now. Sitting on her bed as she snuggled under the covers, I felt overwhelmingly satisfied with our life together. I looked back on the years of absolute insanity when she was a baby and toddler, the struggles with schools, teachers and social skills, and I felt like it was all worth it to sit with her like that and talk. I remembered the doctors who bluntly told me I still had time to terminate my pregnancy, and the midwife who told me that the great Mother of All could work any miracle she chose, including saving my child.

And once again my girl has been saved. Once again we have all saved her together, and she is learning to save herself.


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