Look not upon the seed, look upon the tree

For the past three weeks Lei has had a lot of joint pain and I have been worrying once again that she could have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I can now re-post this piece from earlier this summer with the good news that she does not have JRA. She does have hypermobile joints and will need physical therapy as well as pain management, but I’m still breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Parenting a Deaf and Gifted Child

When I picked the color for Lei’s first hearing aids, it was a major philosophical decision: hide or flaunt?

Did I want her to blend in or stand out? Did I hope for her to be mistaken for normal? Did I dream for her deafness to go unnoticed or celebrated?

What do you think I chose? Her first hearing aids were bright pink.

Why did I think about it so deeply? My mom.

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